These guys are the NEW Iron Maiden. Bands as special as this one only come around once in a blue moon.”
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Machines of Penalty has opened for notable bands Fear Factory, Biohazard, and Straight Line Stitch.

Machines of Penalty received the award for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Band Performance" from the Elephant Talk Indie Rock Festival.

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Current Statistics:

Songs streamed: over 8600

Videos played: over 6200 

Machines of Penalty hails from southern New Jersey and was founded in 2008.  Heavily influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden and Tool, the band has released two high-energy full-length albums, and is currently recording its third.  Our songs have been streamed THOUSANDS of times by fans from all over the globe.  The band has opened for notable bands such as Fear Factory, Biohazard, and Straight Line Stitch.   The band is ready to re-take the scene and take their music to the next level, and is eager to once again provide fans with an unparalleled and unforgettable musical experience.