Show Dates Posted!!! 

Come out and see us!!!  Three upcoming shows in New Jersey and Maryland!!!  Go to the "TOUR" section of the website for details...


We have laid down the drum tracks to 4 new songs!  Also, we decided to bring back ANGEL to the band.  Angel is the vocalist you hear on our second album "Black Fades to Red".

Welcome and Thank You! 

Welcome to our brand new website!  

Machines of Penalty has had many changes over the years, but the thing that remains the same is the fact that we always aim to please and work our asses off, on stage. Playing in the Tri-State area, our fans are an eclectic group of amazing people who really love music, and are very supportive of what we do and of the scene. With our new album set to release in a few months, we hope that you all love it and continue to come out and bang your heads with us. YOU, the fans, are why we are here and why we do what we do.